Persévérance scolaire des jeunes autochtones

Evening Classes and the Intergenerational Drumming Circle

Promotion of Aboriginal culture

30 March 2015


  • Organization in charge : Jeunes musiciens du monde
  • Targeted clientele(s) : Kitcisakik elementary and secondary school students
  • People(s) : Algonquin
  • Resource person : Pierre Girard
  • Web site : Jeunes musiciens du monde

In Kitcisakik, the organization Jeunes musiciens du monde offers a program based on music classes and traditional activities for 75 elementary students from École Mikizicek in Kitcisakik and 20 Secondary 1 and 2 students from École le Transit in Val-d’Or. Elementary school students take part in individual music classes that help them better express their emotions, build their self-confidence and self-esteem, and develop their talent. Demos of French and Anicinape songs composed by youth and artists from the community are recorded on compact discs. Secondary school students enjoy lunchtime workshops offered once a week. They are an opportunity to provide Aboriginal youth with psychosocial followup and reduce the prevailing prejudices between Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals. The entire Kitcisakik community is invited to the intergenerational drumming circle, which is a monthly activity that helps foster a sense of pride and belonging among youth by strengthening their cultural identity through the profound exchanges that take place.