Persévérance scolaire des jeunes autochtones

About Aboriginal Student Retention

In its three years of success, the Aboriginal Student Retention Fund (FPSJA) has sought to support and guide aboriginal communities in developing projects that help keep young people in school. Initiated by Réunir Réussir, an organization created by the Chagnon Foundation and the Government of Québec, FPSJA has been coordinated by Centre de transfert pour la réussite éducative du Québec (CTREQ) with backing from Québec en Forme to support the most isolated communities. Over the years, nearly 20 aboriginal communities in Québec have received financial support from FPSJA and ongoing support from CTREQ to carry out 22 inspiring projects whose impacts have significantly motivated young aboriginal students to stay in school.

Although FPSJA funding is no longer available, most of the projects are continuing. The highly positive collaboration reflects aboriginal communities’ ability to mobilize their resources, take action, and implement sustainable student retention solutions.