Persévérance scolaire des jeunes autochtones

Comité Migona (Kinomasi Youth Coop)

Youth entrepreneurship

30 March 2015


The Kinomasi Youth Coop was initially intended for youth age 16 to 20 who attended and excelled at the Kitcisakik school for adults. It enabled them to proactively create their first jobs.

The students took part in an entrepreneurial initiative by creating a collective or cooperative whose goal was to meet the community’s needs in a democratic framework. Through this project, Conseil des Anicinapek de Kitcisakik linked staying in school with the socioeconomic development of the community. The project was adapted to the small community’s needs by extending participation to members over 20. Renamed “Comité Migona,” the project has helped train young adults to produce and sell Aboriginal crafts through a crafts cooperative. The cooperative is located in Centre Savoir-Être, Savoir-Faire, which is also home to the school for adults and the library.