Persévérance scolaire des jeunes autochtones

Mamu Atussetau Community Project (Working Together)

Family support for academic success

30 March 2015


  • Organization in charge : École Johnny-Pilot
  • Targeted clientele(s) : Elementary school students and their parents
  • People(s) : Innu from Uashat-Maliotenam
  • Resource person : Sylvie Pinette
  • Web site : Institut Tshakapesh

The Mamu Atussetau project focuses on developing parenting skills to keep elementary school Innu students in school by encouraging parents and other adult family members to get involved in the school life of these children. Parents are invited to take part in a parent-child challenge calendar, where parents must meet challenges with their children and monitor their progress using a logbook. Each month, a photo of the parent and child who met a challenge is displayed in a calendar designed by the school and distributed to all families. The project includes parenting workshops where various activities, such as coffee meetings, information sessions on healthy lifestyle habits, and the distribution of tools, are geared toward Aboriginal culture and spirituality to support parents in the care of their children.