Persévérance scolaire des jeunes autochtones

Toy Library

Family support for academic success

30 March 2015


  • Organization in charge : Conseil des Atikamekw d’Opitciwan (education services)
  • Targeted clientele(s) : Opitciwan community
  • People(s) : Atikamekw
  • Resource person : Gerthie Chachai
  • Web site : Opitciwan

Conseil des Atikamekw d’Opitciwan has set up a toy library for children age 0 to 8 and their parents. Parents take their kids to the library to relax with them or take part in fun educational activities such as theater and singing. These activities contribute to both the cognitive and language development of children, as they are conducted in both French and Atikamekw. The Toy Library project makes stakeholders aware of the importance of stimulating children at a very early age and helps strengthen the links between schools and families to encourage Aboriginal children and youth to stay in school.